about me

i'm syner, hello

i spend a lot of time browsing the web and i recently got really interested in web programing / web design, so here I am! i stil have a lot to learn, i know

the purpouse of this webpage tho, is more like a personal one. I enjoy having my own little place on the internet where i can share a couple of things that i like with whoever stumbles upon this site :^) so if you're already here, I hope you are doing okay ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

now, lets get a little bit more personal, shall we? i don't really like my name, so just call me syner. i'm 19 y/o and i'm currently a mess. i've always spent most of my time locked up in my room, after covid you can imagine my already barely-existing social life got to a point where i never leave my home anymore. i'm currently working from home too so, yeah, i've been here a while. i'm not sure if i'm okay with how my life is right now but, i don't have anything else. i'm planning on studying abroad next year and i still don't quite figure out how am i going to do it yet, but everything is possible!! i guess...

what can i tell you about myself? i'm kind of good with arts, or i like it at least. i draw, i play guitar and i sing from time to time. i'm not really sure if i preffer digital or traiditional art, but i guess i lean more over the pixelated side :^) speaking of which, my drawings don't really have a particular style ? i mean, some people say they could recognize my art but i'm still not confident about it. i pretty much just fuck around with tools and saturation settings until i get something funky or pretty lol i love webcore and weirdcore aesthetic, so lately that's been influencing my drawings too.

aaaand, music. i suck at it. but i enjoy learning to play songs i like on my guitar, i'm definetly better at singing than playing guitar, i must say. but still, i love it. i would really really love to learn piano, it is like my biggest wish since i was a kid but, i never had one, and every time i try to save money to buy one something funny happens in my life that leaves me with no money left anddd i have to start over and shit. i'll eventually get it, i'm sure. about music theory, i really don't know much, just very very basic stuff. i also got into DAWs, music production, MIDI, all of that, i enjoy creating short melodies sometimes. i kind of want to create content for a videogame? i dunno, i would love to take part on the design, like the characters, colors, music, heck even the story. i love how videogames just mash everything together to create this really massive piece of art. pretty cool stuff.

other things i like: psychology, movies, videogames, music (yeah i bet you already knew), poetry and literature in general, walking really long distances with my dad, i would love to say that i like excercise but i'm still trying to make it part of me heh i like to read and search for stuff on the web. i love anime and manga, animation is other of the things i would love to learn. something weird i enjoy is really long car trips. being a passenger, just watching out the window, quietly passing the moment, i sure feel calm when there's nothing else to do than that. well, i guess it would be better to have a dedicated list for the things i like and dislike so i'll put that somewhere over my site.

you have to know, i'm not the best at making friends but i'm open to talk if you ever want to !

enjoy your stay. be safe. (´~`ヾ)

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she/her - 19 - INFP english/spanish
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